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A platform for 3D printer fans to mingle, share, slice models, and control their printers anywhere.

What is Plabric?

Plabric is a social network and a printer controller on your phone - providing you a network of 3D print buddies and awesome features for slice models and control printers anywhere.

Explore the 3D world

Keep up to the latest trends

Discover new materials, awesome 3D models, all kinds of printers and print profiles.

Find out the latest news and follow users, professionals and brands.

Find specific print profiles for your machine model and material.

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Grow up with the community

Create private and public groups with friends or members of this great 3D community.

Share posts with attached materials, print profiles, printers and 3D models.

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Slice 3D models

Using the power of the cloud with your phone

Convert 3d models into printable objects and print them directly from your mobile.

Store Up to 10GB of files in the cloud to save and sort your files.

Import 3D files directly from other platforms such as Thingiverse.

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Control your printer

Whenever, wherever

Control your printers from anywhere with an intuitive and smart interface.

Import and print 3D files directly from other platforms.

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